Dreadlock is a super cute Rastafarian hairstyle.

It is achieved when the hair is washed but not combed and twisted while wet into tight braids or ringlets hanging down on all sides.


Dreadlocks take time to tighten and mature but a good maintenance routine will get them there faster. Here are ways to keep your dreadlocks looking clean and healthy.

Massaging and conditioning
It is important to always moisturize your dreads and your scalp. Apply a leave-in conditioner and be sure to massage your scalp when applying to maintain the blood circulation to the scalp. This will help to relax and stimulate your scalp’s natural oil production. The oils keep your hair soft.

You can keep your dreadlocks clean and conditioned by washing your dreads the right way. Dampen your hair and apply residue-free shampoo. Massage your scalp gently and let the shampoo soak your dreads. Rinse well and and squeeze out the extra moisture with a towel and leave to dry.

Practice night care
Sleeping with a night scarf helps maintain your hair through the night. Locs tend to shed a lot, and protecting your edges and your scalp is crucial. A silk night cap keeps the moisture in and protects your hair from pillow friction.

Don’t re-twist your hair too much
It’s good to want to make your hair look fresh but if done too often it can cause breakage and thinning at the root.

…and don’t forget to always use natural hair care products: Dreadlocks require special products which do not leave a residue or contain harsh chemicals. Look for products that contain natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones.

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