Cardi B cancels divorce from her husband and hits hard on people trolling her on social media.

The rapper filed for a second divorce from her husband, offset in September and has filled new documents stating her decision to call off their divorce.

However, social media trolls have criticized her reconciliation with off-set showing their disapproval and advising her to move on.

Cardi B replies “Twitter users be like, Cardi, you’re in a mentally abusive relationship. Oh my gosh. We gotta save you.’ And I be, ‘All right, but can I f**k him today? Because I need to have sex,”

“(People in my DMs talking about, ‘What up big head?’ I don’t like that. I’m 28-years-old, and my head’s not big. Actually, it is, but not with a lace front.”

Although, the new documents have been filed “without prejudice,” which means she can file for divorce again in future, TMZ states.



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