Do men love shoes too?? YES!

I have never seen a guy who isn’t a lover of shoes! The ones who don’t have enough try to invest in building up their racks.

So, got your eyes popping already to see if you’re tha man? Lol. Wait and see.

men shoes

Chukka Boots

These ankle-high leather boots mostly made with suede or leather uppers can be worn with both suits and casual wears like jeans.

men shoes

Some Chukka boots also have wedge souls. Cute right?

Dress Boots

They are short leather boots built with uppers to cover the ankle.

Dress boots are meant for formal wear but with the way guys are really going with fashion, we wouldn’t be surprised when guys start rocking them for informal occasions.

men shoes

Low-Top Sneakers

Sneakers? Yaaaaas!. Who doesn’t love sneakers??? They are way too comfortable, fashionable and definitely cute.

Low-Top sneakers have collars that do not cover the ankles and usually very minimal in design.

men shoes

High-Top Sneaker

On the other hand, High-Top sneakers have collars that extend past over the ankle for additional ankle support.

They are pretty much comfortable and fashionable as well. Don’t brood too much on what to put on to that birthday party or get-together, put on some sneakers *wink*

men shoesTrainers

These footwear are designed to provide protection for a variety of fitness activities. Are you a sporty? You definitely need these.

men shoes

The Oxford

Oxford is preferably paired with a suit or pants for formal and office wear but when made wit softer materials like suede, they an be worn for casual occasions. And yes, it also falls under the ‘must have shoes’.

Chelsea Boots

These are ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel. They usually have a loop or tab of fabric behind the boot which helps the boot to be pulled on.

Chelsea boots are quite popular among fashionable men because of their versatility. You can wear them with everything from skinny jeans to tailored 3-piece suit.


Penny Loafer

Trying to look young and sexy? Get some Penny Loafer dude. This stylish minimal shoe is also versatile and will be a great addition to your wardrobe. It can be worn instead of sneakers with jeans or khaki and always cool with shorts for a truly summer look.

boat shoes

The Boat Shoe

Boat shoes are typically canvas or leather with rubber soles designed to repel water. They are traditionally worn without socks and not only are they attractive, they are pretty attractive as well.


So dude, there you have it. Build up your wardrobe if you don’t have at least half-a-dozen with these must have shoes and you are good to go. Each style of shoes you introduce to your collection will dramatically increase your overall style and ability to be versatile.

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