It’s embarrassing to have that cute dress or shorts on and Oops, there’s a visible panty mark showing and calling the attention of people to your butt. Yuck!

Visible panty marks can ruin any lady’s outfit. The panty marks can leave you disorganized throughout ruining your confidence to move around.

Kindly read on to avoid visible panty marks in tight dresses

Wear thick or textured fabrics

Thick fabrics covers or masks any outlines you’d rather not have. Materials like denim and suede do great jobs in hiding panty lines but if you simply love silky or light fabrics more, then scroll down to read other options.

Try on a good shape-wear

Shape-wear helps in creating a smooth line under your clothes. They are usually smooth and help erase visible panty marks totally. Make sure you pick the perfect size for your body.

panty marks

Get Thongs!

I’ve spoken to a few ladies about trying thongs and they go Eeeeeeeww!. I mean, who doesn’t like thongs? Well, I do because they get so light on the body and are pretty much comfortable.

Thongs and G-strings certainly don’t have lines to show, so be rest assured you don’t have to worry about panty marks.

panty marks

Slip Short

Slip shorts are stretchy, soft and feel very smooth. If you aren’t a thong, G or T string lover, grab a slip short to avoid that embarrassing panty marks.

panty marks

Stick-on Thongs

Stick-on thongs apparently don’t have any waistband and are best used when putting on a very tight-fitting or super high side slit dress like the picture below. Some stick-on thongs are washable and re-usable, just be sure to get a durable one which won’t slip off halfway through your event.


Lastly, ‘going commando’ which means ‘no underwear’ falls under this category but may not be the most comfortable or sanitary thing to do. Don’t try to ‘go commando’ while wearing a breezy light dress, the result will definitely be dramatic.

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