Tips for slimming down 😉 😉

You love those clothes but they don’t fit because you can’t get a hold of your weight? Try these!

There’s no gimmick to these tricks and best of all, these tips help maintain patterns for healthy eating.


Here’s a few tips for staying slim the healthy way:

Drink Water

Skip the diet and start getting your fill on water. Besides being goof for you, water helps your body get rid of toxins, and constant sipping can help keep you from over-snacking.

So grab a bottle you can tote around with and figure out how many refills you’ll need to get your daily fill.

Slim Down Servings

Big servings are one of the main calorie culprits of weight gain. Start with small portions and take more only if you’re still hungry.

Experts even suggests that it’s better to eat four or five small meals with moderate portions and throughout the day and than to have two or three large meals.

Carry healthy snacks with you when you’re on the go like fruits, nuts etc.

Fill Up On Fruits and Veggies

If you fill up on fruits and vegetables everyday, you’ll have less room for more fattening treats. To keep your snacks interesting, find a good produce store where you can pick and choose from.

Stash some exotic fruit in your bag for when you’re up and doing.

When cutting back on calories, it’s crucial you take a daily multivitamin. Lack of vitamins and iron may leave you tired and inclined to reach for a candy bar or fatty snack.

Cut Back on Soda (Soft Drink)

A celebratory drink can cost you 150 calories or more and that’s if you have only one.

Even if you’re in the habit of having just a few drinks a week, cutting back on alcohol can save you hundreds of calories in the end.

Save the cocktail for the special occasions coming up and sip water instead.


Yes, this is an obvious one! But seriously – do something (anything!) to get moving.

Twenty minutes of exercise a day will do wonders to boost your energy and kick-start the calorie burning process. Walk to the supermarket, take the stairs at work or at least do a few laps of window shopping in your local mall.

If you’re serious about shedding inches, aim to do 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming) three or four days a week.

There you have it dear ZeeFashion lovers! Remember, good health is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Ciao!

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